Friday, October 26, 2012

I have a whopping 3 softback books left.  I have a family reunion tomorrow and I am praying that only 3 family members will want one - yeah like that is going to happen.  At any rate, the book is out and everyone who has read it has been blessed by it.  That was and continues to be my prayer.  There were years when I was tormented by the illness of my daughter, the challenges that my other three children faced.  I have to say, it was almost impossible to balance my ability to be an advocate with my ability to be polite and civil to those who were not doing right by my children.  It is a regret that I have that I could not balance it better.  I was under a great deal of stress, day in and day out.  I lived with the strokes, the fights, the autism, the everyday struggles that my children were fighting.  I lived and continue to live like that mama bear that rears up when something or someone tries to threaten their ability to be successful.  It has come to my attention that in the process of advocating for my children I have hurt the feelings of people, I had no intention of hurting.  I wasn't working "against" them, I was working "for" my children.  At any rate, it is with a heavy heart that I write this for these individuals refuse to have anything to do with the book.  They regard it as negative, an attack, a betrayal.  I wrote it to be a blessing, uplifting, inspiring, intended to bring one closer to God, strengthen their faith.  I wrote it to bring compassion to those who do not have children with special needs and for those who do to relate to us, to know they are not alone.  I pray with all of my heart, that the individuals who refuse to even open a page, who refuse the blessing, will have their heart softened.  That those individuals will find compassion for someone who was struggling through a time that was horrific at best.  That they would pick up the book and read it, read it and realize it's intent is purely positive, inspirational and spiritual in nature.  I pray this with all of my heart.  I would hate to think they missed out on this blessing that God has given to me to share with them.

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