Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I gave my testimony on being a witness tonight on videotape to be shown at the 9:45 service at church.  I do talk about God and what He has done for me all the time.  I offer to pray for and with people I work with and friends.  I have called people who were continually horrible to me and asked them to forgive ME, thinking that is what Jesus would want me to do. I am not perfect, I would love to say that people can see Jesus in me all the time, but I know that isn't true.  I make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are very hard to take back.  Sometimes, my anger gets the best of me and I in effect feel like I lose my witness in that.  My book "Gifts of Grace" tells our story, my family's story.  The blessings and struggles of life with four children with special needs.  Were there both heroes and villains in the story - - - - YES. They are in every story.  There were people that made our journey very difficult, and people who made our journey so much easier through their words or their actions.  There were MANY more good folks who supported us and who would have done anything for us.  But, as we are human, there were also people who intentionally or unintentionally made it difficult in one way or another.  It is my prayer that the book "Gifts of Grace" is a positive witness for Christ.  That it shows how much you can endure when you have faith, stay in prayer, and allow God to take complete control and give you strength when you have absolutely none left.

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