Sunday, November 11, 2012

They showed my testimony this morning at church and I had 3 people come up and hug me and tell me how much it meant to them.  Somehow it seemed while I was talking that I was rambling, but God took it and made it flow very well. Allie had kind of a rough day on Friday.  Of course, I was at a workshop in Norman Oklahoma.  The school nurse called me and told me that she had been repeating herself.  In fact she asked the para to "look at my little pencil" at least 15 times that day.  They were thinking that perhaps she was forgetting that she had already said it.  I contacted Stanford who said they could order an MRI for her, or we could just keep an eye on it.  She has been doing well here at the house, I haven't seen any repeating herself.  I have been studying to take my Algebra II/Geometry test on Saturday.  This is so that I can teach my special kiddos Algebra I and Geometry in my own classroom.  Some of them really need a smaller class size and more one on one, so I am doing it for them.  I can honestly tell you that I thought I might have a clue what I am doing since I have had 12 weeks of Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry this year.  But when I looked at the sample test I felt like a complete idiot.  Matrices, logarithyms, formulas I have never seen before that use exclamation points.  Good grief, not sure I will pass this one.  I will give it a shot though and let God do the rest.  I know I seem to rely on Him a lot, but it is all I know how to do.  There is only so much I can do and I can control in this world - the rest is completely up to Him.  Got to enjoy some time with friends on Saturday at an OU game.  It was time well spent and desperately needed. Girls day out!

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